Widow Cabot

Widow Eleanor Abigail Endicott Cabot


Widow Cabot arrived in Angel Falls several weeks ago, with a younger woman named Miss Mabel who might be a maid or a cousin or a friend. She came in her own two-horse carriage, with a hired driver and guard, all apparently acquired in Denver. She took a fine room at the hotel.

She dresses in full mourning clothes – all black, without even the relief of a deep violet. In public, she always wears a bonnet. Those familiar with such things will note that her clothes are well tailored and of fine fabrics, if plain and prim.

Her accent and manners suggest that she would be more at place in a fine parlor in Boston. It’s hard to imagine she will last long in the territories, nor what might have brought her here in the first place.

She has advertised for a scout familiar with the surrounding wilderness, which suggests she may be positively suicidal.

Rumor has it that she has a very fine camera and a great deal of photographic equipment. Perhaps she works for a paper? Or inherited one?



Widow Cabot

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