Character Background

Players can play any of the base classes in Deadlands, however at some level all PC’s should be considered white hats and are motivated by the common good. Murder, theft etc. should not only be activity the party does not partake in but something they would actively attempt to stop.

Character concept of active law breakers etc. will not be approved for this campaign.

Players are not however required to be very obvious about this bounty hunters and mercenaries are perfectly fine concepts.

Hucksters/Shamens/Mad Scientist etc

Characters of these professions have a few additional rules dealing with character creations.

They need to define both a Theme of their magic as well as how each power is manifested. All uses of their magic/mystical powers will reflect these statements.

Example Johnny McFly Huckster

Theme Antelope Skulls and Blue Flames.

Bolt : Manifests as a small Antelope Skull with flickering blue flames on the horns.

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Character Background

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