The world changed on a fate full day in 1862 on this day the gates to hell were literally opened and things have never been the same.

Feb 7 1862

The first signs were during the Battle of Roanoke Island on February 7 the union soldiers advance expecting to find resistance, the first 3 of the 4 forts were filled with over 1500 slain confederate soldiers as hard as this was to understand was the horror in the 4th fort. 20 confederate soldiers stood among 800 dead, bullets did not seem to stop them as the proceeded to slaughter most of the Union Soldiers. It was not until their heads were removed that they finally stopped battling.

In each succeeding battle after this date some of the soldiers on both side would apparently rise from the dead.

Feb 12 1862

This was nothing though compared to the Battle of Fort Donelson Feb 12 was the last message heard from anyone in the area, every soldier on both sides appeared to have died except when scouts entered the area roving bands of 5 to 15 soldiers apparently immune to all damage were moving through the area killing anyone getting near to this day no one lives within 50 miles of the fort.

April 1862

An unofficial cease fire occurred between the union and confederate forces, what became known was that the dead could rise, the more people that died in an area the greater the likelihood of the dead rejoining the fight, or more accurately attempting to kill anyone nearby.

Neither the confederacy or the union were willing to engage in any major conflicts this resulted a series of long drawn out skirmishes for the next 3 years.

November 1865

After a year of posturing and blockades the at d├ętente was created and the North and South stopped participating in active warfare. However the North refused to end the blockade around the South, and the South stood strong on the issues of slavery. The north passed the Lincoln Act which declared southern states would be given 20 years to voluntarily rejoin the union after this the US would take whatever steps it felt necessary.

April 1866

California free state, tired of supporting United States that was spending more time and resources running a blockade then maintaining civilization or expanding west declared its independence. Pointing out some poor wording the Lincoln Proclamation they claimed and the Supreme court agreed that the US could not take action against them 1885, they also made it clear that they stood with the Union against the Confederate States and declared War on the South.

July 1866

Texas seeing what California did left the Confederacy and declared themselves an independent state. While the United States refused to treat them differently the Republic of California was more than willing to trade with them. The two former States signed a number of treaties dealing with both Protection and trade issues.

May 1870

Having enough of the economic hardship Arkansas voted to return to the union

April 1872

Tennessee and Virginia seeing the advantages of what Arkansas was receiving they also rejoined the union.


Out in the dessert the Mormons took advantage of the Choas and declared their own Independent State, Republic of the Deseret.

Nov 7 1873

The United States of America signed a free trade treaty with France and set low tariff levels for any goods flowing between the two countries.

Nov 8 1874

Surprising the world a large force of French ships rolled into Louisiana and claimed Louisiana as New France and much of Mississippi as well. Not only was the confederacy not in a position to fight France declared that their trade ships would sale from New Orleans with confederate goods and the US would be in violation of its new treaties to interfere with the trade. All confederate lands West of the 89w longitude were now part of France.

Dec 1 1874

The confederacy lacking the resources to challenge France and hold of America regretfully agreed to the new territories set forth. However they were able to gain guaranteed trade access to New Orleans.

Dec 2 1874

Perhaps the invasion was not as big of surprise as thought. New France signed binding treaties with the United states that Guaranteed the borders of New France and that the US would defend these lands as if they were their own. France agreed that American Ships in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico would be protected as if they were French ships by their Navy and they would defend these ships against unlawful actions by pirates and Foreign government. Further more all the lands of New France North of 30.5N and between the 33 and 89 territory were property of the United States.

Dec 3 1874

Texas showed that it may not have been just the United States that new of this, a 3 way treaty between the United States, France and Texas declared all former confederate territory w of the 89 longitude were now the property of Texas.

March 1875

After much debate and some pitched battles North Carolina split itself in 1/2 with the western part of the state rejoining the Union and calling itself West Carolina and the eastern 1/2 staying in the confederacy.

May 1880

The confederacy had shrunk to only the remnants of Mississippi, Florida, George, Alabama , North Carolina and South Carolina. The Union was tired of supporting the blockade and the constant border skirmishes, the Confederate was desperate for some relief as well. When the South outlawed Slaver the North used it as an excuse to end the blockade and normalize relations between the two countries. Most historians mark this as the true end of the Civil War.

July 1882

The United states seeing the fall Manifest Destiny was desperate to restore the pride, negotiations were opened with both Texas and California about what it would take to rejoin. However both states were unwilling to return under the old rules and the United States wanted to make clear that leaving in the future was unacceptable. The Constitution was mended so that it was illegal for a state to leave, however due to their size both California and Texas were granted the right to have up to 10 senator’s based on their population compared to the average state in the union.


Low level conflict between the Sioux Nation and the United States broke out to open warfare, as each side attempted to take control of the area.


Up till now the warfare had been strongly in the US favor but the resources were wearing thin. The Sioux Nation had been reduced in size and only controlled the majority of the Dakota Territory. However, Mexico was massing armies on the boarder raiding into Texas and California and it was becoming clear the US would soon be fighting on 2 fronts, if not 3 as the Confederate States were rapidly increasing the size of their armies.

May 12 1888

On this date the Sioux Nation signed a treaty with the US, this treaty declared that they were an independent protectret of the United States. Bound by the constitution but able to pass any internal laws they wished. Only Native Americans were allowed to vote in local and regional elections. Over the years about 10% of the population in the area are not Native American.


For 20 years ruling out of Salt Lake city the Republic of the Deseret had declared control of Utah, for most of the time the United States simply ignored this and about 1/2 the people in the Utah Territory claimed to be United States Citizens while the other half claimed loyalty to Salt Lake City. The area within 50 miles or so of Salt Lake city was the only area truly under control.

However the Slaughter of Laramie where over 300 loyal us citizen were killed from a militia out of Salt Lake provoked the US to action, sadly for the Republic of the Derseret this occurred during one of the rare moments of tranquility between the US, the Confederate States and Mexico and with the resolution of the conflict between the US and Sioux Nation meant the US finally had the resources to move in and reclaim the land.

Currently one of the largest detachments of US military is just outside of Salt Lake City.

1900 – 1920

The last 30 years have been a time of expansion and contraction with many new settlements in the western united states and almost as many failing, some due to changing climate some to the action of the Reclaimers and many due to Confederate sabotage. The Confederacy has never accepted the loss of the states that left and have been funding a cold war against the United states, in return the United States has been funding pirates throughout the gulf and the southern Atlantic coasts in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Most citizens of each country are not aware of just how much conflict each country is still participating in.

May 1920
Currently Texas has 4 senators and California has 6.

June 1920 the first day of the game

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