House Rules

Players Resources

This game will be using

Savage Worlds Deluxe as the base rule book
Deadlands Player’s Guide (except for history which is covered by this wiki)

While the players may have heard of and even seen some of the items Reloaded: Smith & Robards 1880 Catalog is not currently available for players. My intention is to slowly introduce items from here during the game. With that said no one has seen or have heard reliable evidence of the existence of an air carriage.

Other than these 3 books players should avoid any other Deadlands Reloaded RPG products.

House Rules

Running a horror/suspense game I wanted a few other ways to earn bennies that help support the game and/or theme.

Here is what I am thinking.

Before Game
1 to 2 bennies before game for outfits appropriate to your character and the 1880’s

Before or During Games
1 to 2 bennies a night for telling stories appropriate to the time.
1. Stories told as your character to a friend
2. Stories told as your character when drunk at a bar
3. A short story that could appear in a dime novel multiple copies to hand around the table The novelization should apply to either the characters or what happened but does not need to be a perfect representation of events.
4. Fake newspaper story about the events the party has participated in

House Rules

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