New France

Seized by the French in 1875 consisting of all lands between longitude 89 and 33 and south of 30.5 latitude is some of the wealthiest people in the New World as all trade going up or down the Mississippi River most pass through this area. Most of the residents of New France live in Either New Orleans or Baton Rouge, and the nature of this land can be summed up as the tale of two cities.

Baton Rouge is one of the Larges most lawful Cities in the West. Just south of Port Allen in the United states all trade stops here as it is moved to and from ships and rail lines. The port here is one of the most stringent when it comes to legality and avoiding smuggling in the world and those few who attempted it are often caught and handed over. The city is renowned for its fine establishment and theaters.

New Orleans on the other hand is one of the most corrupt ports on the planet, Pirates etc trade here with impunity, in fact it is often kidded that the port fines cargo masters 20% of their cargo if they do not have proper documentation and the ship Captain 20% if the ships papers are not in order. Everything bought here is more expansive than Baton Rouge and everything bought here is bought for less, no legal merchant would stop in this port. It is hard to count but many believe even more money flows through here into New France than through Baton Rouge. The city is legendary for its Gambling establishments and celebration of Mardi Gras. The city is surprisingly safe or at least much safer than expected as the Constabulary in New Orleans might not care what crimes you have committed outside of New France but they most surely care about any crimes committed in New France.

While seldom mentioned Bay St. Loise is the next larges town in New France. This area is the most lawless in New France and potentially the new world as all the pirates in the gulf that are being supported by New France and the United States control the city and the land around the bay. anything within 10 miles or so of the bay is lawless territory and people are legally forbidden to enter. No one stops you but the laws of New France are not enforced in the Bay of St. Louise or the surrounding area, so long as what is being done does not threaten New France.


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