A Savage World Deadlands Reloaded Inspired Campaign

The campaign will be using the character rules and most of the gameplay rules from the Deadlands books, however the nature of the Reckoners/Manitoe and the history of the world are very different and will be revealed during game play.

Keeping with Deadlands traditions as far as most people know their world matches our own until a fateful day in 1862. On this day a Native American Shaman shattered the barriers between our world and where the Reckoners and their servants the Manitoe were bound.

(Any feedback on what works for you and what doesn’t would be appreciated. also willing to work with players to insure their concept fits int he world)

While the actual year is different my goal is to have the campaign feel like 1880. Assume that technology for the average person in the Weird West is what a real world parallel of them would have had in 1880 Useful Links.

Ghost rock is far rarer than it is in traditional Deadlands instead of one massive quake in 1868 the west has experienced 100’s of smaller quakes. This also means that the Maze does not exist. Most ghost rock has been mined in California but sizeable mines are also found in Nevada, Colorado Territory and Utah Territory.



Issues of the Day

Character Background


Angels Falls




House Rules / Player Resources

Damnation Road