US Marshals

The official arm of the National law in the West.


Lawmen for hire. When local law enforcement is not enough or not available a number of options exist for those with money. Separating themselves out from the normal Mercenaries and Gunman for hire are the Pinkertons. Living by a code and partial funded by the US government. A Pinkertons first loyalty is to the United States and this should always be kept in mind when hiring them.

Accept no bribes
Never compromise with criminals
Partner with local law enforcement agencies
Refuse divorce cases or cases that initiate scandals
Turn down reward money
Never raise fees without the client’s pre-knowledge
Keep clients apprised on an on-going basis

Within the organization and entirely funded by the federal government is the Bureau. Created at the beginning of the Civil war the Bureua served as a spy agency for the Union. Today these agents are task with maintaing the image of the Pinkertons and may show up any time Pinkertons are hired. These agents are never for hire for anyone but the executive branch of the Federal Government but often support local Pinkerton agents. Rumors abound that they have another hidden purpose as well.

Pinkertons are also unique in their regards to ability and not race and sex. The first female Pinkerton agent was hired in 1856 and first minority agents in the 1860’s today individuals of any race may server as agents as long as they swear loyalty to the Union Government.


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